Stephen Colbert, Nancy Pelosi

Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

Who says politicians don't have a sense of humor?

Nancy Pelosi sure does! The 71-year-old House minority leader released a faux-political ad on YouTube slamming Stephen Colbert's $1 million Super PAC.

So why does Pelosi want to "stop Colbert?"

"Since the day he started his Super PAC—taking secret money from special interests—he's been out of control," she says in her parody ad. "Even using his Super PAC to attack my friend [and GOP candidate] Newt Gingrich. And if that weren't enough, I hear he doesn't even like kittens."

"He must be stopped," she continues, throwing in Colbert's own campaign slogan, "because Americans deserve a better tomorrow, today."

The real reason for Pelosi's sartorial attack is to promote the DISCLOSE Act, a bill that forces campaign donors to reveal themselves.

"Join me in stopping Colbert and create a new politics free of special interest money," Pelosi says.

Democrat or Republican, we can all agree on one thing:The Colbert Report sure is giving us an education on campaign math!

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