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If we've learned anything from you, Awful readers, it is that you have a lot to say. And we love to hear it.

Which is why we want your honest opinion on all things Hollywood—like what you think CNN should do about Roland Martin's controversial Super Bowl tweets or who your perfect Cleopatra casting would be.

So in the event that you're still having a hard time picking between Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence (we love them both too!), here's a recap on how you all voted on our most recent polls:

Angelina Jolie

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Madonna (and Team Truth!) Reigns Queen of De-Nile!

This one was a real nail biter! And to think, Madonna was this close to being your pick for Cleopatra!

In the end, Angelina Jolie topped the casting choices with 32 percent of the vote—only slightly more than Madge's 31.7 percent—dominating younger gals like Megan Fox and Rooney Mara (who, sadly, came in last place).

Readers nixed the Material Girl because of her acting abilities (or lack thereof). Others, her age: "At the risk of sounding like an ageist, she is a bit too old to play the part," commenter R weighed in. "Cleopatra reigned from age 13 to age 39. I realize in Hollywood-speak 40 is the new 30 but good grief, Madge is 50."

53, but, who's counting besides you, R?

You Are What You Tweet

We originally asked you whether—in the wake of his seemingly anti-gay tweets about David Beckham's H&M underwear ad—CNN's Roland Martin should be fired by the network. And 44 percent of you said nothing should happen to him…because the comments weren't intended to be anti-gay in the first place!

Well, CNN apparently didn't agree, because they ultimately suspended the guy (and we suspect it wasn't because they're pro-soccer). So we followed up and asked whether you thought Martin should just resign and, again, 45 percent of you said no.

One commenter, Debra, justified it by saying: "Well, since there have been no reports of widespread smacking of gay men at Super Bowl parties, I can only assume that everyone didn't take it as a call to arms against the gay and lesbian community."

Still doesn't make it right. But we clearly can tell we're two for two on disagreeing with you all.

Jennifer Lawrence

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Shocking. Kristen Stewart Voted Most Desirable…

Inspired by a poll by's 99 Most Desired Women on 2012, we asked who you found most desirable between Rooney Mara (ranked at No. 3), Kristen Stewart (No. 27) and Jennifer Lawrence (No. 47).

We don't even know why we bothered, really, because the Krisbians voted K.Stew to the top spot—with 50 percent of the votes—meaning she earned more than the other leading ladies combined! J.Law came in second with nearly 24 percent of the votes and Rooney in last (again).

Yawn. Whatever, we love Kristen too, we guess. But Jennifer Lawrence is hawt!

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