Gabrielle Union

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In the words of Gabrielle Union, this is "unbeweavable."

But also rather hilarious—particularly since the actress herself has proven that she's got a great sense of humor about the whole thing.

What, exactly, are we talking about? Simply this: Apparently, Union's weave was deemed so suspect by the ever-scrutinizing eyes of the TSA that her hairdo required its own patdown while going through airport security this week.

We'll give you a minute to let that sink in.

The 39-year-old Army Wives star wasn't so much embarrassed by the incident as incredulous and, perhaps, judging by her subsequent tweets on the topic, rather bemused by the whole thing.

"Ma weave got 'flagged' by the bodyscan at security," she tweeted Wednesday. "TSA required a hair patdown. No lie...they coulda just asked if it was the temple hair.

"If human hair & thread sets off the bodyscanner...a lot of folk jus ended up on the 'watch list,' " she continued. "It's a weave not terrorism."

Made even worse by the fact that Gabrielle mistakenly thought she might have found a kindred spirit in her security detail.

"Girl it WAS a black female TSA agent!" she tweeted out in response to a follower who suggested that  perhaps her agent just didn't understand.

"Exactly, she coulda just asked, aint no secret! Lol."

Eventually, her follicles sufficiently proved themselves not to be a threat to national security and Union was allowed on the plane.

"Bout to take off...hopefully my weave doesn't cause turbulence...its clearly very powerful. :)"

Of course, even after she landed safely, she couldn't resist one more dig: "Came home 2 a dead bird whod flown n2 the glass...I suspect my weave had something 2 do w/ the bird murder #killerweave."

A hair-raising experience, indeed.

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