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Valentine's Day. Bah humbug. That's what we'd normally say, except this super sweet Grey's Anatomy made us so sickly happy, we might puke red confetti hearts. So break out the chocolates and roses and let's see who was lucky in love? And who got coal in their bouquet?


Late for Love: It's taken eight seasons but we finally realize why the dating pool of our doctors is so small: not because they need to service the show's cast within the walls of Seattle Grace, it's because they are too busy to date out of the hospital! Fellow docs make very forgiving dates. Lucky for Bailey (Chandra Wilson), her hot doctor boyfriend understands the pressures of her job and makes the most romantic in hospital date right under the wire before they all turn into pumpkins! It's pretty cute seeing Bailey finally happy and not forever having to explain why she has to be at the hospital so much. Doctors for everyone!

Won't Beg: Behold the magic healing power of the boiler room. It's like that giant rhythmic fan has healing hypnosis powers. Just two sessions, some sincere tearful begging from Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) is feeling a bit more willing to forgive. We hope those crazy kids can work it out. But never willing to forgive is Teddy (Kim Raver). In fact we think Owen better watch out for a scalpel to the back. We get that she's still grieving, despite her protests, but wishing Owen died it Iraq? Harsh, dude. Way harsh.

Lexie's Exes: Who knew that sweet innocent Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh), whose heart lives in her vagina, would have one of the more complicated love lives on Grey's? We must say she is persistent. That girl will not let a lack of a date and babysitting duties keep her down. Adorable little Zola was a perfect wing woman when Aunt Lexie showed up to "talk" to Mark (Eric Dane). Good thinking, use the baby as an excuse! Shame Mark was already having a romantic date with his bromance, Jackson (Jesse Williams). Or was this really most gorgeous threesome on Grey's ever? Don't pretend it didn't cross your mind.

Bonus Awww: Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona's (Jessica Capshaw) romantic date in Derek's trailer. Again: Awww. Do we really need to say anything else?


"I'm not hitting much of anything these days." —Lexie

"I can't do it in front of the duckies." —Meredith

"If you don't tell him about it you bleed out and read about in a cheap locket." —Lexie


Siblings in Seattle: What's better than one Dr. Shepard to save a life? Two! Derek's sister, from sister show Private Practice is making the trip up north and no doubt there are stormy unresolved sibling issues ahead.

Early Emmy Campaign: Dr. Webber's wife Adele wasn't even in tonight's episode and we still cried. Her Alzheimer's is getting worse and in an upcoming episode she takes a violent turn. We think that Emmy voters should probably just bubble wrap a statue and send it to Loretta Devine right now.

We're surprised, this Seattle Valentine's Day was shockingly therapeutic for most couples, give or take a few deaths, car crashes and tears. Do you think Cristina and Owen can bury the hatchet? Will Lexie ever get the chance to tell Mark how she feels?

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