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As we've established, the yummy ‘n' handsome star Nevis Devine likes both girls and boys (what fool who wants to keep all his options open doesn't?), mostly avoids little spats with costars and doesn't mind having some of his male BFFs double as daytime nookie partners, whenever Nevis is so inclined.

But basically, Nevis is as happy as he is horny in life! With one small exception…

Recently, Nevis has been giving some eyebrow-raising press interviews. It's not his usual jovial and aw-shucks stuff—which Nevis has always been most excellent at delivering.

Also, it's no secret Mr. D.'s been hitting the sauce a lot, as of late. Partying too much, as well.

And the latter reasons are why most folks seem to think Nevis has gotten more melancholy lately—publicly, at least.

But it ain't the reason.

The real culprit behind Nevis's more bummed-out moods these days has to do with a good friend becoming pregnant. It started getting Nevis much more sadface than he usually is.

Why? Well, not just because he loves kids and wants his own one day, but more specifically, because there was a private tragedy in his family a few years back involving a child—and few know about it. And Nevis doesn't like to think about this unfortunate chapter in his life—in fact he makes an absolute point not to. But his pal's good news has just brought it all crashing back down on him again, and N.D. just doesn't know what to do besides screw around and get high—and avoid it all.

Sorry you're feelin' down, Nevis. But cheer up, we're sure you'll have your own family one day soon!

AND IT AIN'T: Adrian Grenier, Patrick Dempsey, Josh Brolin

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