Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel

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Dear Ted:
I work at the lodge in Canada where Justin Timberlake came to celebrate his B-day last weekend. Jessica Biel was there, but it took me a while to recognize her with the new bangs. I didn't see an engagement ring, though. Unlike you, I like them together and maybe if you saw the way they interacted with each other you might as well. Very sweet and cute. My question is, Do you really believe they are engaged? Do you think they are hiding the ring to avoid any hoopla? I mean, Grandma Sadie did confirm it, right?

 Dear These Bangs Are Made for Marrying:
I firmly believe they are engaged, regardless whatever they're saying or wearing. Now, whether or not Justin and Jessica actually end up getting hitched is anybody's guess. My hunch is that they will. He's put her through too much as it is.

Dear Ted:
That's not cool that you called Rooney Mara snooty and Kristen Stewart fab. Kristen can be a bit bitchy sometimes and childish. People who have worked with Rooney have said she is a sweetheart and very down-to-earth and simple. So why bash her and put Kristen Stewart up on a pedestal? C'mon, Ted, I know you're not that big of an ass-kisser now, are you?

Dear Depends Whose Behind:
I fully admit I have a soft spot for Kristen and I don't always view her with impartiality. Sorry, I'm biased. But I also adore Rooney and her take-no-crap ‘tude—sorry if I said she's snotty, and, you're right, K.Stew can be, too, sometimes!

Dear Ted:
Hardwicke drives me nuts! Every time she talks about Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart or anything Twilight it just feels like she is trying to stay relevant in the world and they're the ticket to do that. Am I wrong? Not to mention that maybe the Twilight script did suck before the rewrite (and some parts after—even though I'm a Twi-hard, I can admit it!), but I have to say her directing set the tone for the movies and I think she might have effed that up a bit!

Dear Agree to Disagree:
We asked Catherine about Rob and Kristen (and we often do, as Cathy's one of the few folks who know Robsten who likes to speak plainly and on the record), so give her a break there. Also, I actually think Twilight, the first installment is the second-best of the franchise, after the latest. Hardwicke got the heart of the story dead-on.

Dear Ted:
I've read your column for years, but lately all the "news" seems to be throw-away non-stories about who you think should be cast as Elizabeth Taylor, Cleopatra, etc. It's so boring. Please return to dishing about Hollywood stars' lives.

 Dear Wow:
I write plenty about breaking movie projects [Diana], star's hurt feelings [Lana Del Rey], personal scandals [Demi Moore using again], not to mention butt-loads of love stories about Robsten, Wilmer, Eva, Ryan, the list goes on. Sure you're not getting me mixed up with The Soup?

Dear Ted:
I was just beginning to like Taylor Swift when I read that she was dumped by Eddie Redmayne after she failed to get a part in Les Miz. I think Eddie is a gentleman. He is, after all, a former classmate of Prince William's from Eton. I was surprised at Taylor using gentle Eddie for sympathy. Do you agree?

Dear Cold Hearted:
Dump? Don't think so. Both moved on is more like it. And it had nothing to do with losing out on Les Miz.

Dear Ted:
I just saw Minka Kelly being interviewed on VH1. She said her plans for V-Day were staying home, where it was quiet and safe. I think she and Derek Jeter are sincerely and madly in love with each other. But the media hounds them and watches their every move. Why can't you just let these two earthy lovers keep their relationship private? They never use each other the way the rest of them do. I think they are the most beautiful and honest couple around. Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Justin and Jessica, etc., could take a lesson from Derek and Minka in the class department.

Dear Funny:
So your solution is to talk and write about them even more so they'll be even more hounded? Brills!

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