You are cordially invited to the Mikaelson's mansion tonight for an epic ball, which promises to provide dancing, drama, and hot guys in tuxedos. What more could you ask for? 

We attended a screening of The Vampire Diaries episode "Dangerous Liasions," which finds most of our cast mingling with the recently reunited Original family at a fancy ball, and to say it's jam-packed with moments that will make "shippers" of almost every couple on the show squeal and/or rage is a bit of an understatement. Seriously, prepare yourselves now!

Want to know what you can expect from the Mystic Falls ball? Lucky for you, we're in a sharing mood. Plus, we hit the set in Atlanta to get some scoop from Nina Dobrev, Candice Accola and more!

"The ball at the Mikaelsons' is going to be a really interesting affair and it's going to be really exciting and sort of suspenseful and scary because everyone is there. Almost the entire cast is there and they're on a mission and a lot can happen," Dobrev teases. "It could turn for the good or for the bad. I mean things could happen and our main characters could succeed or they could miserably fail. In the Vampire Diaries and in Mystic Falls the stakes are so high that what you could lose and what you're risking are lives and so in this case we get to do that but in ball gowns so it's extra glamorous and extra fun."

We can assure you that the affair is indeed extra glamorous, but it seems making the episode was anything but. "I'm really excited for the episode of the ball I hear it has turned out absolutely beautiful and I'm excited for the editors to make it look like we all can dance because we were all terrible, absolutely terrible," Accola says. "There is a line at one point in which Caroline even says like, ‘Yeah I know I'm a good dancer' and by that point I was like really tripping on my feet and everyone just like bust out because it was so obviously not a moment of being a good dancer."

Accola says the cast did get dance lessons, but they weren't exactly thorough. "We did take dance lessons for, like, 30 minutes. It was very quick and of course while were in there you're like, ‘Oh I got this!' and then you're like, ‘Oh you want us to talk while were dancing? This is a whole other avenue! Hold on.'"

Luckily, all of Accola and the cast's hard work pays off as the episode is one of our favorites of the season, giving us helpings of the Stefan-Elena-Damon love triangle, Klaus and Caroline's "Cinderella-like seduction" (executive producer Julie Plec's words, not ours!) and more of Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and the rest of the Original siblings, who steal almost every scene they're in. 

Here are five things you can look forward to in tonight's episode: 

1. Elena shares some very intense moments with both Salvatore brothers, including a scene where one of the brothers drops three very important words. Fans of both couples should prepare for some major angst, including Elena hurting Damon and possibly causing the return of the old Damon. We won't lie, we kind of missed him! 

2. We don't know about you, but we've been secretly rooting for an Elena and Elijah hook up since the first scene these two shared, so their moments in tonight's episode made us especially happy. Rebekah, who is definitely not Elena's biggest fan at the moment, drops a hint about Elijah having feelings for Elena and the two share several meaningful scenes at the ball. (Psst! We're chatting with Daniel Gillies/Elijah tomorrow so send questions for him our way, won't you?!)

3. Mama Original Esther (Alice Evans) has some serious plans for her family, plans that involve Elena. Oh, and prepare to see some sibling bickering between the Original brothers and sister that is so relatable, you almost forget they're all over a thousand years old. As for the two newbies, Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) is all about having fun and causing trouble (and he looks damn good doing so!) while Finn (Caspar Zafer) is a true mama's boy.

4. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is into Caroline (Accola) in a major way and is not shy about it in tonight's episode. It's hard to remember he's a diabolical hybrid responsible for a lot of the deaths in Mystic Falls' when he looks so dashing in a tuxedo and promises to take you wherever you want to go. Unfortunately, Caroline's love (and respect) can't be bought. Plus, she still has feelings for Tyler (Michael Trevino). Will that change when Caroline sees a different side of Klaus, one no one's ever seen before? 

5. The following are all MIA in this episode: Alaric (Matt Davis) is in the hospital, Tyler is off bettering himself for Caroline, Meredith (Torrey DeVitto) was off being crazy and/or taking care of Alaric and Bonnie (Kat Graham) was presumably at home. Don't worry, Bonnie fans: Something goes down in tonight's episode that Bonnie will definitely be a major part of in the episodes to come. 

To hear more from the TVD cast, including Graham's thoughts on a possible Bonnie and Klaus hook up, watch our exclusive on-set interviews with them above.

Next, head on down to the comments to tell us what you want to see happen in tonight's episode!

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