Lana Del Rey

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If Lana Del Rey is feeling the sting of Karl Lagerfeld's controversial remarks from earlier this week, she's certainly not letting it show.

"Lana Del Rey is not bad at all," Karl told Metro Paris earlier this week about the indie pop star. Not a terrible review…but then he continued: "In her photos she is beautiful. Is she a construct with all her implants?"

Yikes, that's quite the backhanded compliment. So is Lana ready to bite back à la Adele (who, after Lagerfeld called her "fat," told People that she was proud of her figure)?

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Doesn't seem so.

But that doesn't mean sources close to the singer don't have anything to say about it: "She's never done a thing to hurt anyone or said a bad thing about anyone," a good Lana pal sounds off on the backlash the young singer has received.

For the record, Lana has denied plastic surgery speculation.

"I don't know why there are so many haters," our source continues. "She's done nothing to inspire it...She's a great gal."

Something Ms. Del Rey made very clear last night when she performed for a packed house at Amoeba Music in Hollywood. LDR—who wore a slick white top and blue jeans—addressed the crowd, gushing, "Thanks for everything, and you know what I mean."

And the gal certainly knows how to treat her fans. 

After the performance, Lana did a meet and greet with a couple hundred lucky concert goers—and that kind act lasted a whopping three-plus hours.

"They're trying to get her to hurry up," an event employee was overheard griping. "But she won't. Most artists just sign and move on."

Instead, Lana took her time chitchatting with each fan, signing their CDs, and giving them hugs and kisses as they left. After a few hours, LDR had to cut down on the lovin' a bit to make sure all the swag got signed but shouted what seemed like sincere apologies to the waiting line.

And then still tried to get as much one-on-one time in with each person as possible, while workers tried in vain to hurry the line along.

Seeing that, we say: We're not sure why she has so many haters either.

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