Katy Perry

I always have wondered what it's like to swap kisses with Katy Perry. It's the kind of thing a guy does in his spare time sitting in the makeup chair getting bronzer and eye concealer put on his face. And since smooching Perry is never gonna happen to me, well, I could ask her ex-husband Russell Brand, but, uh, that might be a sensitive topic right now.

The next best guy to ask would be Pete Lakoff, a 21-year-old college student from Indiana. Turns out that Pete was called up on stage during Katy's show at a DirecTV sponsored Super Bowl party in Indianapolis last weekend. Watch the smooches here.

As luck would have it, a friend of mine is a friend of his, and so I just had to get Pete on the phone and ask him what it was like to have her kiss him — need then kiss her. "It was good clean fun," says the Purdue University junior (who went shirtless for the deed). "Everyone was just having a good time with it. I wasn't looking for her number. And she didn't ask for mine."

So how does it feel to be the first guy seen kissing Katy in public since her split? "She's gorgeous. It's definitely a story I'll tell my grandkids." 

And a story he already has told me (and thousands on Facebook, no doubt!). 

Well done, Indiana. Well done. 

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