Cleopatra, Lea Michele

20th Century Fox; Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Dear Ted:
How about Lea Michele for Cleopatra? Distinct features, prominent nose, piercing eyes, diva attitude! Seems perfect to me!
—T's Mom

Dear All Hail the Queen Bee:
Lea might have the look and talent, but I'm not sure she's fierce enough to command the role of the queen. Ruling high school? No problem. But we're talking real royalty here. How ‘bout another suggestion, doll?

Dear Ted:
So I heard Joseph Gordon-Levitt is casting for one more leading lady in his new film he is perfect would that be for K.Stew?! I would love those two in a film together and it's something different. What are your thoughts?

Dear Fast to Cast:
With The Twilight Saga coming to a close, you'll definitely see some new projects on Kristen's plate and gal's got a busy schedule ahead of her (Snow White and the Huntsman hits theaters June 1). And while we love the idea of her working with JGL, she would also be starring alongside Scarlett Johansson. Not sure if Kris and Scar would mesh well onscreen, but it's not a bad idea—once we get all the deets on the flick.

Dear Ted:
How about Lily Collins for Elizabeth Taylor? Did you see her on the new Vanity Fair Hollywood edition? She's got the right body shape, and pixie face to play Liz. It could be a big break for her.

Dear Hardly The Role of a Lifetime:
You're right, Lily definitely rocked the classic, Hollywood glamour on the cover of Vanity Fair and she's a good suggestion for Liz. But Lil hardly needs this Lifetime movie for a big break! She's already covered magazines, hit the town with Zac Efron…all this before the release of Mirror, Mirror, which she stars in as Snow White. Plus, she feels a little childish for Liz, at least on the cover of Seventeen.

Dear Ted:
I'm sorry but I can't see Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart ever getting married. I just don't think they would make a good fit. It's nothing to do with their age or current relationship status; I just don't see it happening. What do you think? Honest opinion, do you think that they will eventually get married?

Dear Nonsten Nonsense:
Watching Bella and Edward get married definitely gave Robsten fans hope for a real-life wedding—Kristen even gushed how beautiful the dress and the wedding were. But remember, both Rob and Kris are young with very demanding careers. I wouldn't hold your breath for a wedding, but don't expect a breakup either, 'k?

Dear Ted:
Keep in mind how young Cleopatra was when she died. Some of the actresses you propose are in their 40s and beyond. While many are awesome, you can't fake 17 at 45 (just ask Demi Moore!). Anyway, I like the Zoe Saldana suggestion...she's beautiful, regal and has a wild side. Zoe for Cleo—sign me up! Kisses from Jezebel the wonder-pup!

Dear Fresh-Faced Idea:
Zoe is an interesting suggestion—she is definitely young, versatile and talented. Of course, some of the older suggestions also work because they're not just old, they still have it. Besides, you have to keep in mind this was in friggin' ancient Egypt, where 20 was the new 40—unlike Hollywood, where 40 is the new 20! 

Dear Ted:
How is it that Vanessa Lengies got on Glee? She doesn't sing, she can't dance, and her only role is to make facial expressions. Is she someone's daughter? Is she sleeping with someone? She adds nothing to the show!

Dear Sugar Daddy:
A little harsh, F, and it looks like you're confusing Vanessa for her character, Sugar, who has a rich daddy looking to spoil the gal. You can't say that she adds nothing to the show—her character is totally hilarious! No reason to bash the babe.

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