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If he's not already, Woody Harrelson should be a little red-faced by now. Make that Reddit-faced.

The 50-year-old thesp didn't do himself any favors when he agreed to join social news site Reddit's Ask Me Anything thread for a discussion that was supposed to be about anything.  

Problem was, Harrelson's insistence on using the forum as a publicity vehicle for his new movie Rampart instead of spilling details about his personal life, which enraged Netizens who expected the latter.

While other celebrities such as Zach Braff, Aziz Ansari, and comic Louis C.K. have all participated in AMA chats with relative ease, the Natural Born Killer killed it in all the wrong ways.

When one user quizzed Woody about going vegan, he was somewhat accommodating, saying, "I did it for energy…and I have to say, it works."

But when he was asked about stealing a high schooler's virginity, that's when the chat really went awry.

"First off, its not true, and second off, I don't want to answer questions about that. Lets focus on the film, people," exclaimed the actor.

Guess he didn't get the memo explaining what Ask Me Anything is about!

When another user wondered if he had even heard of Reddit before, to his credit, Harrelson did acknowledge being a newbie.

"I know [Rampart director] Oren Moverman did an interview here. I did just learn about it, so I'm trying," he answered.

Unfortunately, he didn't try hard enough. Harrelson's admission failed to stem the flood of criticism he received after offering up 15 answers tailored mostly toward Rampart, so much so that he beat a hasty exit.

"I consider my time valuable," spouted the White Men Can't Jump star before bailing from the chat.

Naturally, a torrent of posts from angry users poured in from there. Here's a small sampling:

"Should change this AMA to AMAAR (Ask Me Anything About Rampart)," wrote one Reddit user.

"You should just quit while you're ahead, you're losing fans by the second here. Absolutely no way I'm going to go see this movie," added a user named Rhode.

"Does anyone else love how he's basically ruined any good publicity he could have gotten from this AMA?" asked Cheesydude.

"Question to Mr. Harrelson's PR guy, what are you planning to do with all the free time you'll have now?" wondered Creepymegusta.

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