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In case you missed the memo: We're doing our Spoiler Chat every darn day now. Have you dropped down on your knees and thanked a higher power yet? No? Not that big of a deal to you? How dare you think you have other priorities in life!

Today we have insider scoop for you on Castle's Castle and Beckett (will they or freaking won't they already!?), Justified's awesome canoodlers, Smash's scandalous upcoming romance and much more...

Uma Thurman


Bronzia88: Smash me!
We don't condone violence…but we do condone you loving this show, and it is only getting better! In the next episode, there will be a down and dirty hookup that proves this show is way more adult than Glee. (Unless Rachel schnockered Will on the casting couch and we missed it?) And this new scandalous couple will continue for quite some time! Also, we have some inside intel on what guest star Uma Thurman will be doing and it's pretty shocking. We can tell you more after the next episode (when you see who gets the role of Marilyn), but for now just know that Uma is playing "the movie star." And things are gonna get ugly. And amazeballs.

@maryploppins613 Anything on Castle? I ask every week & no answer! Will Castle/Beckett spill their secrets to each other before we're all 85?
We talked with the lovely Stana Katic on set and she is gunning for Castle/Beckett to seal the deal, too, but sadly (sad trombone!), it's not happening any time soon. "I hope that they deal with their relationship, I hope that it moves forward. I kind of feel like we're at that point where it's got to grow," she tells us. So what's coming up after last night's fantastical forties episode? "I think the next thing that we're looking at is the two of them almost drowning. I think we're going to try to take them through every element and almost kill them in any way possible and then hopefully they'll get it. Hopefully they'll say, ‘I really love you and I'm crazy for you and let's just get married and have children.' " Season finale, anyone? Done and done!

Misha Collins, Supernatural, Season 7

Jack Rowand/The CW

Sarah87987: So excited for Castiel to come back on Supernatural! Any scoop on his return?
You may not like what we're about to share, so proceed with caution: We have it on good authority that Castiel (Misha Collins) will be missing something very important when we next see him: his signature trench coat! Moment of silence for TV's most infamous coat, y'all!

Mandy_English: Is Emma really still a virgin on Glee?
Yes. And it will be dealt with. Also, be prepared: There is a Will and Emma fight coming, but it will turn out OK.

Bobby in Vancouver: Don't forget to give us scoop on Unforgettable!
Carrie is getting some serious action—that is, if star Poppy Montgomery has anything to say about it. Al's (Dylan Walsh) romantic rival, Steve, is "coming back quite a lot," Poppy confirms to us. "Carrie likes him, [but] I think it might get Al moving faster towards Carrie and get a little more competitive for her affection." Also coming up, Poppy says, "I think there's going to be some resolution in the murder of her sister. And—I'm just throwing this out there—lots of makeout scenes with Albert, 'cause he's super cute." Carrie's also getting a new BFF, Jane Curtin, who joins the cast this week as Queens' quirky medical examiner. "She and Carrie became fast friends because they're both unique minds…she will become a sort of mother figure and mentor to Carrie," Poppy told us.

James Wolk, Adam Pally

Christopher Peterson/BuzzFoto/FilmMagic; ABC/CRAIG SJODIN

Leah in Cleveland: Anything with Max and his upcoming romance on Happy Endings? I love him!
James Wolk
(leading man/eye candy from Lone Star, RIP) is playing Max's (Adam Pally) incredibly hunky old/new boyfriend in the Valentine's Day episode, and like the best of couples (Paula Abdul, MC Skat Cat), opposites do attract! Wolk tells us: "Where Max is kind of your slacker, kind of an unkempt go-with-the-flow guy, Grant has a great vest and tie combo, he always has the perfect thing to say and he's very put together…But the interesting thing is he's not as put together as one would think."

@saarele Please tell me they don't intend on killing my dear Elijah off the Vampire Diaries again? He needs to stay forever!
A source tells us there are no current plans for his demise, and we are talking with Daniel Gillies (Elijah) this Friday, so send any Q's you have via Twitter to @kristindsantos or post in the comments section. We also have this weird (totally unconfirmed) sensation that Elijah might start falling for Elena. Who's with us?

Alana4790: As a shipper of both Wynona & Raylan and Boyd & Ava on Justified, can you tell me what's to come for TV's most interesting couples?
Boyd and Ava's partnership is stronger than ever—especially crime-wise, as they are earning a reputation as Harlan County's Bonnie and Clyde. (Shouldn't these Crowders just update their Facebook status from siblings-in-law to married?) As for the right-side-of-the-law (mostly) lovebirds Wynona and Raylan, their dreams of domestic bliss might just be too good to be true. Wah wah.

When will the next Spoiler Chat post?
Tomorrow! We're doing this Spoiler Chat thang every darn weekday now (the nerve!), so tweet me @kristindsantos or email me at and check back tomorrow morning!

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