Here's the good news: Things seem to be progressing nicely between Ben Flajnik and Kacie B. on The Bachelor.

But otherwise, animosity toward Courtney Robertson continued to grow tonight as Emily O'Brien, the chief Courtney-trasher in the house, attempted to apologize for jumping to conclusions about her and talking smack about her earlier on.

So, how do you think Courtney reacted to Emily's heartfelt mea culpa?

Let's just say, Courtney said that she hoped Emily didn't expect her to bend over and "take it up the tailpipe."

Apology not accepted.

Ben characterizes Courtney's demeanor "assertive and confident," but the ladies are back to shark-and-snake territory.

There was a small crack in the L.A. model's outwardly brazen armor tonight, however, when Ben—after seemingly enjoying Courtney's company (at least the topless part) during the group date to hang out with a native Panamanian tribe—never took up her invitation to pay a visit to her room. (And he gave Lindzi Cox the group date rose.)

"I definitely have had a pattern of dating men who appreciate me so much in the beginning and then become taken for granted," Courtney mused to the cameras. "I've been consistently disappointed by men. I want to be with somebody who gets it and treats me the way I want to be treated, and that's why I'm excited about Ben—but he never showed up."

But she certainly didn't have it the roughest tonight.

That distinction went to Blakeley Jones, who got the thorny end of the rose following the dreaded two-on-one date with Ben and Rachel Truehart—who, ironically, was the one who was really dreading being the third wheel.

And Blakeley probably felt a wee bit embarrassed after showing Ben her homemade scrapbook documenting their journey to date. Then again, maybe he was embarrassed having to look at it with her.

"I do want you to know how much I appreciate you opening up to me like that," he said feebly as he walked her to the car.

But that was only the third-most embarrassing moment.

The second-most shameful moment went to Casey S., who pretty much got thrown out after the omniscient Chris Harrison confronted her with something the Paris Hilton look-alike already knew, deep inside—she was still in love with her ex-boyfriend Michael and was holding out hope that he would..."change."

And Ben was pissed.

"I don't sugarcoat things and I think that you should go home," he told Casey, who haltingly and tearfully tried to tell him that she didn't mean to come on the show with major baggage.

She just did. (And, we must say, Casey sobbing in the back of the goodbye car was so reminiscent of Paris sobbing when she was carted off to jail after at first being released from jail, it was ridiculous.)

The real howler of an embarrassing moment came, however, when the not-much-heard-from Jamie Otis tried to get close to Ben at the cocktail party and tried to create her version of a sexy scenario: straddling him (not a great idea in a short, tight dress) and giving him a smooch.

First, she couldn't stop giggling. Then, when he gave her a second chance in a more comfortable sitting position, she actually tried to instruct him in how to do it and he admitted he couldn't take her seriously. Easily one of the top-five most squirm-inducing moments in Bachelor history.

And, lo and behold, Jamie was never to be heard from again.

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