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Who cares about the contestants when you have coaches this talented?!

The Voice's mentors Christina Aguilera, CeeLo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton kicked off the NBC hit series' second episode of blind auditions with an awesome medley of some of Prince's most popular songs, including "Party Like It's 1999," "Little Red Corvette" and "Kiss." 

After the showstopping performance, well, the show had to go on, so the coaches took their seats to get down to business...

Haley and Leland, a duo who got their start when he asked her if she wanted to do a shot of Jack, say people describe them as an old married couple. The so-not-a-couple perform "American Girl," and Shelton turns his chair as soon as he hears a second voice. Soon after, the rest of the coaches turn and Shelton is not pleased. In a shocking twist, the country duo goes with Aguilera. "I actually feel bad for them. I think they were fooled by flash and boobs," Shelton says. 

Jamar Rogers is a former drug addict who was also homeless because of his habit. He reveals he is HIV positive and has dedicated his live to helping others. Host Carson Daly heads to Jamar's work to personally invite him to audition and Rogers says he's excited to sing for her personal idol Green. Jamar sings "Seven Nation Army" and while no one turns at first, Green eventually pushes his button.

Gwen Sebastian, 37, is dating her drummer, whom she also calls "the love of her life." While her boyfriend wants to have kids and get married, he understand that her music is important. "Stay" is Gwen's song of choice and impresses Shelton. Green turns around first with Levine deciding to push his button during her final note. "You're just doing this to get under my skin!" Shelton says to Green and Levine. Gwen chooses to join Team Shelton, saying, "My heart is country!"

50-year-old Kim Yarbrough has been trying to make it since she was 18. Kim performs "Tell Me Something Good" and inspires Levine and Aguilera to push their buttons. She chooses the Maroon 5 frontman as her coach.

Angie Johnson enlisted in the Air Force and soon joined the military band for "troop morale." Johnson enjoyed some Internet success when a soldier posted a video of her singing during a Middle Eastern deployment to YouTube. Angie chooses to sing "Heartbreaker" and Green is the first and only coach to turn their chair, so she is automatically on Team Cee Lo. Green switches his glasses to make sure Angie is as beautiful as he thinks she is. 

Dez Duron, 21, set a state record for most touchdowns thrown in a season and gave up Yale and football to pursue a career in music. Dez's dad also gave up a football career for music and ended up winning a Grammy, so he's hoping to follow in his footsteps. Dez sings "I Want It That Way" and not one coach turns, but they all regret it once they see how handsome he is. "I am so angry right now," Aguilera says. 

Lindsey Pavao, 22, sings "Say Aah" and admits she's nervous. Luckily, she has nothing to be nervous about because Aguilera pushes her button almost immediately, followed by Green and Shelton. The boys say they love her hair (shaved on one side) and Aguilera gushes over her, saying, "I just want to play with you." Green says it's probably the coolest thing he's heard in season two so far, but Lindsey chooses to join Team Christina. 

Alicia Keys' background vocalist for years, Jermaine Paul, has decided to step out on his own as a solo artist by auditioning for The Voice. Keys sends a recorded message to Jermaine wishing him good luck. Jermaine sings "Complicated" and Green is the first coach to turn around, followed by Shelton. "With my back turned, I could hear the swag," Green says of Jermaine's vocals. Despite the praise, Jermaine chooses Shelton as his coach. 

The final contestant of the night is Angel Taylor, 23, who, along with her mother, left her abusive father when she was 12. Angel says music was her escape and that she is moving forward today. Angel takes a risk and takes on one of the most popular songs of the year, Adele's "Someone Like You." Levine is the first coach to turn around, followed by Shelton and then Green. Angel admits she has a huge crush on Shelton, who tells her he'd be proud to try and figure out what to do with her. Angel ends up picking Team Levine. 

What did you think of the second night of blind auditions? Do you have a favorite contestant? Sound off in the comments!

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