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Smell ya later, Stelena! Delena who?

Leave it to The Vampire Diaries to put together two characters who have never interacted before and make them a couple that fans are freaking out over in just one scene. The new duo everyone's talking about? Resident baddie Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and everyone's favorite blonde vampire Caroline (Candice Accola) who've had fans asking "Will they or won't they?" since he saved her life.

We hit the set in Atlanta to get all the scoop on TV's hottest new supernatural pairing and what they're up to at ball in this Thursday's episode! Plus, have we seen the last of Caroline and Tyler (Michael Trevino)?! Here's what Accola and Morgan tell us...

While we have photographic evidence of Klaus and Caroline tearing up on the dance floor in Thursday's highly-anticipated episode (see photo above!), Accola plays it coy when we ask for details. "That may or may not have occurred: Caroline and Klaus dancing at a ball or they could have super-imposed our heads onto different bodies very easily. You never know."

When we point out that Caroline seems to be wearing the diamond bracelet (nice choice, Klaus!), the O.G. hybrid gave her for her birthday, Accola once again toys with us, the naughty minx. "Caroline may or may not have been wearing the bracelet that Klaus gave her or picked up her own version at Claire's to be like, 'You can't buy me because I can buy my own bracelet!'" There's a Claire's in Mystic Falls?

What a tease! All kidding aside, Accola says, "Caroline and Klaus will be dancing at the ball together and we shall see if that is something that they both want or if it's not" and while she's not yet sure what is  going to happen between the two, she assures fans of that pairing that the writers are "not just zipping through that storyline." Phew!

Morgan admits he was a bit surprised by the intense fan response that the first Klaus and Caroline scene elicited. "I expected a reaction, but it's been pretty amazing," he says. "I watched it in my hotel room, but the TV was kind of crappy, so I wanted to watch it again. I looked it up the next day to see if it was on YouTube and what I found was pages and pages of fan videos of like 'Klaroline' or 'Carolaus.' It was kind of amazing how people latched onto that."

While Accola tells us, "I think there's definitely the possibility for a romantic relationship to happen between those two," Morgan isn't as optimistic, saying, "I think it's going to be a stretch for her to forgive him for everything that he's done." Hey, this is Mystic Falls, crazier things have happened.

As for Forwood fans, prepare to wait it out as Tyler will be MIA from Mystic Falls for a few episodes, you know, as one is after almost killing his girlfriend and then his girlfriend's father in the span of 24 hours. "Tyler is definitely realizing that he needs to work on himself," Accola explains of the hybrid's absence. "He has decided to separate himself from the people that he loves so he doesn't hurt them anymore."

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on the CW.

To hear more from Accola, like what else is coming up on TVD, watch our interview (on the set in Atlanta!) with her above.

Which hybrid would you like to see Caroline with: Klaus or Tyler! Are you enjoying the new dynamic between Klaus and Caroline? Are you as excited for the Mystic Falls ball (hey, that rhymed!) as we are? Sound off in the comments.

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