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There's going to be some fresh blood in the Cullen vampire gang this November—which is, of course, when Breaking Dawn Part 2 hits theaters.

And no, we're not talking about Edward Cullen's half-bloodsucker demon baby, we mean his now undead wifey Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart). And it looks like we're not the only ones so excited about K.Stew's transformation:

Fellow Twilight gal Nikki Reed is, too!

We caught up with Nikki over the weekend at the Rolling Stone Super Bowl party and had to ask the chickie—who's played ice queen Rosalie in all of the vampy flicks so far—if there was any part of BD Pt. 2 that she was particularly excited for fans to see:

"Kristen makes a really awesome vampire," Ms. Reed gushed to us. "And I think that everybody has been waiting to see how that transformation goes down and she makes a really beautiful vampire."

So much for costar feuding, eh?!

Must say, our expectations are very high for vampire Kristen. Not only did we love the last few minutes of Breaking Dawn Part 1—in which Bella goes from corpse to vamp babe with pearly white skin and blood red eyes—but we've heard K.Stew was eager to take on her new fanged persona.

Remember, screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg said it was a "great challenge" for an actor.

So K.Stew must be keeping up with the other vamps then, who've already had three films of practice to get used to those pesky contacts and lethal fangs?

"Oh, yeah! For sure," Nikki assured us. "Totally!"

Well, now we're not sure whether we're more excited to see Kristen go totally badass for Snow White or turn fabulously fanged for Breaking Dawn Part 2…so you tell us which transformation you're more psyched for!

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