Blind Vice Single Guy

Dear Ted:
It sounds like Pepper Harthman has reviewed his plays and is cleaning up his Vicey ways. Sometimes big life events do that to people. Speaking of, you think that creep Taller Baller will change his ways in the next several months? Unlike Pepper, he's got quite the rep for being a douche to his fans, not just his GF.

Dear Jock Strapped:
You got it in reverse, baby doll! Taller's the dude who's attempting to clean up his jerk-wad ways, and it's Pepper who's most likely going to be unstoppable in the next year. And that's an understatement.

Dear Ted:
All of the focus seems to be on whether or not Charlotte "Chuck" Finger-Dingle has a boyfriend or a beard, but I'm more curious about the other man and woman in her little love triangle. Is the couple in question married? Are the affair and the related project finished, or is Chuck still refraining from the lady lovin'?

Dear Jeez:
Why not just tell you who it is, already, huh? Seriously, I will say this: I think one reason Chuck went into the relationship with the dude who's already committed is because that, too, is a somewhat unconventional relationship. But then, knowing Charlotte as I do, I would have to say even if her current man had been married with tons of kids, she'd probably still go for it.

Dear Ted:
First, Ryan Gosling was passed over for People's Sexiest Man Alive title; and now he's been completely snubbed by the Oscars. I hope he's taking it better than Leo DiCaprio! On that note, I was wondering if Ryan and his gal-pal-of-the-moment, Eva Mendes, have been engaging in any Vicey behavior to ease his pain.

Dear Gimme a Break:
Since when is non-stop, totally exhausting, sweat-pouring nookie a Vice? Ryan, not Leo, that is. And yes, he's taking it better.

Dear Ted:
I have a question about Ms. Veronica Bee-Stings; has the buxom babe ever been married? Thanks a bunch!

Dear Bee-Keeper:

Dear Ted:         
I love how you unapologetically called Veronica out for her inappropriate ways. Nobody believed her "I'm so pure" story anyway, but I love you for confirming our suspicions. So my question for you today is about a Vice that I've been curious about for a while. How is Smokey Shooter doing these days? Any drama between him and his lady? If he is who I think he is, then I only wish the best for him and his lady, but I'm also thinking if they break up, it frees him up to be my future husband! Love to you and everyone in Team Truth!

Dear Love Ya Right Back:
You're in luck. No chance in hell (I think) Smokey and his gal are going to last. So, more of the lonely Shooter for you to pounce on, my dear!

Dear Ted:
My cat, Spiffy, and I want to know more about Princess Powder-Puff as we haven't heard about her in a while. Is she currently in a relationship or still alone? Aside from her pathetic mother, does PPP have a family of her own?

Dear Princess Happy At Last:
Everything's pretty cool with Princess these days, both in love and with the family. Let's hope it lasts.

Dear Ted:
I love the show Hart of Dixie. I think Rachel Bilson is so cute—TV has definitely missed her since The OC; that said, does she happen to have a moniker?

Dear How Did You Know?:
Rachel—who I agree is adorable on Dixie—is an also-starring Vicer from a ways back. Let's hope she's done with that silliness once and for all!

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