Joe Manganiello

Courtesy: Chris Polk/Wireimage

In case you didn't know, yesterday was the Super Bowl.

But before the kickoff and that killer Madonna halftime show, Indianapolis was crawling with Hollywood's hottest dudes (and some chicas too—like Nikki Reed…but more on her later). And the hottest of the hot? True Blood's abtastic Joe Manganiello, of course.

So did any very eligible female football fans catch Joe M.'s eye?

Nope, apparently it was a total guy's weekend—guess we shouldn't be too surprised, huh?

Joe attended the superhero-themed Patrón Presents: The Maxim party featuring Coca-Cola Zero Countdown held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in the Horticulture and Agriculture Building (which, for the night, was turned into Batman's Gothem City).

True Blood's resident werewolf happily chitchatted with the press (who had plenty of questions about his six-pack, Magic Mike and, well, his six-pack), before slipping inside the shindig to hang with his pals.

 "Joe and his male friends made themselves comfortable at a VIP table," a fellow partyer dished to us.

So why isn't somewhat newly single Joe (who split from his former fiancé last September) ready to mingle?

Who knows! We certainly don't think he'd have trouble landing any babe he wanted—and we do mean any.

"Female fans were giggling and very obviously talking about how cute he is," our soiree spy spills. "But Joe only had time for his bros."

Well, if Joe isn't ready to hop into another high-profile relaysh (how very un-Hollywood of him), we won't force him. Just leaves more time to hit the gym, right?

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