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Daniel Radcliffe had a good weekend, but where does his career stack up against that of another actor who's likewise trying to prove his worth outside of a somewhat-popular franchise?

Let's take a look.

It's Harry Potter's Radcliffe vs. Twilight's Robert Pattinson:  


Radcliffe's December Boys came and went in 2007; Pattinson's Little Ashes came and went in 2009.

And while Little Ashes wound up making eight times as much money domestically as December Boys, December Boys wound up making about four times as much money internationally as Little Ashes

Shall we call it even?


The Winner: Pattinson. Radcliffe might have had to appear on screen for the first time in his Potter career without his Potter glasses, but Pattinson had to overcome a black dye-job and a Salvador Dali mustache.


Radcliffe's The Woman in Black very nearly took No. 1 in the latest box-office campaign, with a surprisingly strong $21 million.

Pattinson's Remember Me, a 2010 film, debuted in fifth place, with a so-so $8 million. 

Radcliffe gets points for having the smarts to go with a period piece (which put his Potter vibe to good use, and proved much less jarring than, say, seeing him kick it in a rom-com) and a money genre (no, haunted house movies never do get old). 

Pattinson gets points for having the bravery to go with a non-money genre (romantic drama), and for having the star power to turn the $16 million film into a $56 million worldwide money-maker.

The winner: Actually, let's call this one even. Radcliffe's weekend was strong, but so is Pattinson's leading-man mojo.


By Box Office Mojo's count, Radcliffe has been the star of 10 movies that have combined to gross $2.4 billion domestically; Pattinson has been the star of eight movies with a combined domestic gross of $1.4 billion.

The winner: Radcliffe, obviously.


If and when Radcliffe produces another non-Potter hit, then he'll have the title outright, but for now he shares it with Pattinson, who has proven his worth by selling tough-to-sell movies.

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