Blake Lively

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Dear Ted:
Blake Lively. I agree she's very pretty. But I don't think she's really anything special compared to some actresses. Then again, all she seems to be known for these days is who she is dating and not what she's doing professionally, right?

Dear Social Climber?:
Here's the thing, doll, while Blake seems all too eager to be spotted locking lips with Ryan Reynolds, we can't figure out what the babe really wants in this biz. Girl used to be so mum when it came to her men. And now? She gets all candid dishing out deets on all four of her beaus. We say pick a persona already, B. Trust, we'll love you just the same.

Dear Ted:
Yes of course Rooney Mara is more desirable than Kristen Stewart. Rooney Mara has talent.

Dear Talent Scout:
While the goth-chick look may be more your style, I completely disagree that Kristen Stewart has no talent. Have you even watched the Snow White in the Huntsman trailer? Or checked out the babe's Vanity Fair photo shoot? Twilight aside, gal has major staying power in H'wood, and we absolutely adore her.

Dear Ted:
My rescue terrier Cupcake and I would like to know why Katherine Heigl seems to be so hated in Hollywood. Is she really that bad? She seems to be a passionate advocate for animals; she publicly came to the defense of her costar T.R. Knight when he was verbally assaulted by another costar on Grey's Anatomy. When you see her on talk shows she doesn't seem like a diva. Yet, it seems like whatever film she's in, her critics get very personal with their criticisms. Well, Ted, what is she really like?
Liz and Cupcake

Dear Must Love Dogs:
While Ms. Heigl is hardly hated in Hollywood like some other babes, the gal does have a few diva tendencies. Remember the whole sitch with Grey's where K claimed she wasn't given the material to warrant an Emmy nom? True or not, sharing that strong of opinion is going to piss a few peeps off. Then again, I've met the babe and she's a total sweetheart, plus any animal advocate gets a star in my book.

Dear Ted:
What's up with Madonna's gloves with the fingers cut out she is wearing with everything from casual clothes to red carpet events? Is this a spring 2012 trend or something? Thanks!

Dear Material Girl:
What do you think of the gloves, L, ‘cause it seems Madonna's had a lot of fashion haters lately? And while we can't defend her latest accessory fetish, we did think Madge looked stunning at the Golden Globes (even though she topped plenty of worst dressed lists). In person, her gown was delicate and feminine—trust, the camera did not do the outfit justice.

Dear Ted:
You know I'm a pessimist gossip at heart, so of course, looking at the play behind Bradley Cooper's management is making me wonder: Isn't it clear that Bradley pretends to play the Hollywood Love Connection, but halfway through, his hookups suddenly are painted as too needy and demanding? I feel like telling these starlets to wake up and smell the not-so-fresh tabloid cover. Shouldn't it come with a warning, that when you agree to standard Hollywood love, you make sure that an addendum is included, stating that no one in no way is to paint you desperate and needy. But of course I believe Mr. Cooper is just that lovable and fawn-worthy.

Dear Cooper Hangover:
That's what's tough about this town, babe, there are no addendums in the Hollywood love game (unless, of course, you're talking to one of our expert Blind Vicers). But the gals willing to date someone as sexy (and in demand) as Cooper know the tabloids come with the territory. Hey, a rather small price to pay for dating the sexiest man alive, no?

Dear Ted:
Don't you think Jennifer Hudson has gone overboard plugging Weight Watchers? Seriously, if I have to listen to her sing about Weight Watchers in those commercials one more time, I'm gonna hurl my ice cream cone at the TV. Can't she get a real job anymore?

Dear Songbird:
How can the babe not sing? She lost over 80 pounds the old-fashioned way and is looking fab-u-lous!  And as for a real job? A little harsh D, considering the talented singer-actress is a Grammy and Oscar winner, after all. Give her some time—she'll be back in showbiz soon enough.

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