John Legend, Tim Tebow

Courtesy: Diane Bondareff; Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Tim Tebow missed out on this Sunday's Super Bowl with a playoff loss, but that's not stopping John Legend from offering up a special ditty in his honor.

Turning up on Wednesday's edition of ESPN's First Take, the singer-songwriter and avid sports fan paid tongue-in-cheek tribute to the Denver Broncos quarterback by performing a Tebow-inspired version of his 2004 hit, "Ordinary People," dubbed "Extra-ordinary Tebow."

Check it out!

While complimenting the football god, the performance finds Legend also spoofing the media's fascination with Tebow's very public expression of faith that's made him a household name, not to mention an easy target for comedians (et tu Jimmy Fallon, SNL?).

"They can't get enough of you/a nonstop honeymoon," sings the Grammy winner. "We passed the infatuation phase/and now it's the Super Bowl/and why you are sitting home?"

Way to rub it in, John.

But that's not all. Legend also gently pokes fun at host Skip Bayless, who can't seem to get enough of the NFL star.

"Extraordinary Tebow, your power we can't know," he croons. "Extraodinary Tebow, maybe we should take it slow/Just not on every show, Amen."

Amen to that!

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