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NBC's Thursday nights are not known for their jaw-dropping plot twists or shocking storylines. Usually they just make us laugh every week, and we've always been satisfied with that arrangement.

But last night, as quiet as a ninja, both The Office and Parks and Recreation slipped in two scandalous storylines that could certainty play out for the rest of the season…

On Parks and Rec, the gang spent the whole episode trying to find Ann (Rashida Jones) a new man in her life on Valentine's Day. They were all duds, of course, and by the end of the evening, she ran off to meet someone else for a secret date: Tom!

That's right Tom (Aziz Ansari) and Ann went on a legitimate, get-to-know-you, there-might-be-something-here date! April (Aubrey Plaza) was the Cupid behind the setup, claiming Tom was the only one making Ann smile while at the Valentine's Day dance. Since Leslie (Amy Poehler) followed Ann to the rendezvous, it's not really a secret. But we're anxious to find out how Leslie will bring all this up to her best friend. Do you think Tom and Ann could work? Because we kind of love it.

Meanwhile, on The Office, we discovered that Angela's (Angela Kinsey) new baby is actually the offspring of ex-lover Dwight (Rainn Wilson)! Dwight and Angela had sex a month before her wedding to the congressman, and after the beet farmer saw how big the baby was, he did the math: that was his child. (Sorry, Jack Coleman!) We'll have to wait for the paternity test that is sure to come for official answers, but we have no doubt that Dwight is now a dad. And a proud one at that, as he came in to the office later puffing a cigar in celebration.

So, what did you guys think of the curveballs that NBC's Thursday night lineup threw at you? Happy for some intrigue or do you think they should just stick to comedy? (NBC and E! are both part of the NBC Universal family).

Sound off in the comments!

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