Maya Rudolph has a strange tale to tell—like how exactly she's connected in a six-degree/Kevin Bacon sort of way to one of Tinseltown's most highly publicized murder mysteries in recent years.

Turning up on Conan last night, the Bridesmaid star revealed that it was her friend's dog, Ollie, who ended up discovering a severed head and hands near the iconic Hollywood sign a couple of weeks ago.

Eww.  Let's go to the tape, shall we?

According to Rudolph's account, a dog walker had taken her pal's golden retriever for a stroll in Runyon Park when the pooch stumbled on what it thought was a toy.

"He likes balls…soccer balls," the the 39-year-old comedian told Conan O'Brien. "And I think he's a digger. So he was digging, and he came out all proud with this bag, and something fell out, and it was the head."

Enter L.A.'s Finest, which questioned the dog walker and, per Rudolph, detained Ollie for four hours in the back of a squad car. Her friend later snapped a picture of the seemingly traumatized pet, which Rudolph couldn't resist showing during the interview.

"He looks like he's freaked out," quipped O'Brien.

If there's a bright side to the grisly find, the funny lady noetd that Ollie's been nominated for an ACPCA Award, an honor given out by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, though they've no idea if he's won.

"He's got to wait to see if someone else came up with something better than finding a head," she quipped.

Good luck with that!

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