Snooki, Jersey Shore


"Vinny's home, bitches!"

Now that the crew is back together and things are as they should be, everyone got dressed to go rage at Karma, like usual.

The Jersey Shore cast was excited, and one in particular just couldn't hold it in (literally).

Pauly D was pumped to have his wing man back, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino went off cruising the crowd solo, and Snooki was so excited that she "legit" peed herself while on the dance floor and rushed off into the women's restroom to grab some body spray for her kooka region to make up for the little tinkle slip.

The next morning, after Snooks disposed of her undies and Deena suffered a shock (literally), everyone got ready to enjoy Sunday Funday at Jenkinsons Boardwalk. P.S.: Snooki made sure to put on two pairs of underwear in case she had another accident (because just going to use the toilet when the urge arises is too much to deal).

Some other things were also starting to get iffy. Mike began acting super nice to everyone, which was refreshing but also weird. And JWoww couldn't seem to get a hold of Roger. Hmmm…stay tuned.

During lunch, Sitch ran into some friends (or strangers, who knows) that was he invited to join and ultimately secluded from the group. Snooki went to pee and and realized she had to pee "every two seconds." Uh-oh. Snooki got a UTI, which she graciously explained "doesn't stand for Ultimate Tanning Institute." Thanks, girl.

She also shared that since she is a veterinary technician, she knows how to deal with such unfortunate situations and recommends drinking alcohol as a form of pain medication.

As if those weren't enough amazing quotes from Snooks, while taking a couple swings at the batting cages (sans Mike who stayed at the bar with friends picking up girls), she said, "Ah, I hate balls being thrown at me. I just like them in my mouth."

She's just the gift that keeps on giving!

On the ride home, Deena, Snooki and Mike all grabbed a cab together and that allowed for some real talk. Mike explained that he felt some of the guys (singling out Pauly) were talking badly about him behind his back which is why he's been distant from the group. He also warned that The Situation is coming and they won't like it. Dun, dun, dunnn…

Sitch tried to make his case to his roomies on the party deck, but no one could tear their focus away from his drawers being so low and his you-know-what attempting to make an appearance.

Hoping to lighten the mood, Deena distracted the guys while Snooki put the bunny suit on and attacked (by attacked we mean dry humped) each of them one by one.

Then it was time to play a concentration game called Warm Beer. Sounds tasty. It's kind of difficult to explain, but it involves soot and putting it on one person's face without them realizing it. In this case, it was Snooki.

Snooks' dad also paid a visit to the house, which she forgot about, as she made plans to have extensions put in by JWoww's hair stylist. So what does Daddy Meatball do while his daughter gets her hair done? Go to the grocery store to pick up cranberry juice and false eyelashes. How sweet!

Speaking of JWoww, remember that whole Roger-dodging-her-calls situation from earlier? Well, Mike ran into him strolling on the beach and made sure to let Jenni know. That got her mad at Roger for being so close and not hanging out with her.

Mike continued his apologetic run with the guys and said that he knew who was stirring the pot and it had nothing to do with the guys. So who did he think was the culprit? Snooki.

And now this "nice guy" is planning retaliation against Snooks, including telling his boy Unit to tell Jionni everything that happened with Snooki.

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