Rooney Mara, Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence

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Call it the battle of the franchise babes.

In a recent survey by, readers voted on the 99 most desirable women of 2012, and all three of our favorite beauties—ya know, Kristen Stewart, Rooney Mara, and Jennifer Lawrence—made the cut!

So, which badass be-yotch came out on top?

Would you believe it's Rooney Mara?!

Well, ya should, ‘cause the goth-chic gal not only beat out Jennifer Lawrence (No. 47) and Kristen Stewart (No. 27), but she snagged the No. 3 spot—a fairly impressive feat for those blunt black bangs and gaunt-looking frame.

And while we're hardly surprised Mara nabbed a spot on the list (she is, after all, one of this year's sexiest Oscar nominees) we're still a little stumped how Mara finished the race so far ahead—a full 44 leaps in front of J.Law.

Hey, who knew? K.Stew's hipster flair is out and Rooney's goth is so in (or at least her R-rated piercings, that is).

But even though men seem to be thoroughly embracing the punk-rock style, we still have to wonder if it's the look you Awful readers prefer?

After all, Jennifer Lawrence looks stunning in the new Hunger Games trailer and those Vanity Fair shots of Kristen Stewart? Absolutely to. Die. For.

So, what say you Awful readers? Does Rooney's pinup look have you reaching for some jet-black hair dye? Or maybe Jennifer's futuristic fashion is more your style? Or maybe you're wondering why we'd even ask the question, considering the white-hot glamour K.Stew's been so busy pulling off?!

Awful¿s Rooney vs. K.Stew vs. J.Law Poll!
Who¿s the most desirable of the three franchise babes?
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