Jake Gyllenhaal, Gwyneth Paltrow

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Dear Ted:
In the past week, Gwyneth Paltrow enjoyed a night on the town with Reese Witherspoon as well as dinner with Taylor Swift. Given that both Reese and Taylor have famously dated Jake Gyllenhaal—one of your Blind Vice Superstars—and rumor has it Gwyneth played matchmaker in at least one of those pairings. So I have to ask...is G.P. in the know about Jake's Vice?

Dear GOOP for Two:
It's not like Jake's Vice makes him undateable…actually, quite the opposite for someone like Reese. That said, I'd probably trust Gwyney more with tips on making the tastiest free-range organic chicken pot pie or on some Waspy cleanse than with her dating tips. But then again, maybe it's time she find Jakey-poo a new love? What do you think?

Dear Ted:
Oscar actress noms feel so predictable. Play ugly, real-life, or a "worthy" role and get a nom. Not that Viola Davis isn't fab but I'm kinda bummed that my girl-crush Emma Stone is totally neglected (I thought she was the official leading actress in The Help?). You need skill to be a charming, sweet heroine…but that's an Oscar no-go.

Dear Stone Cold Snub:
Seriously, KL? I adore Emma but she was definitely the weakest link in that stellar ensemble. Yes, Ms. Stone may have been the "official" lead—and a fine one at that, despite her storyline making it appear as if she started the Civil Rights Movement—but Viola stole the movie. Which is why she will probably take home an Oscar.

Dear Ted:
I love True Blood, and like everyone else with eyes love looking at Joe Manganiello. What's the real reason he split with his fiancée? Do you see his next ladylove having more IMDB credits than him?

Dear Six-Pack Attack:
Your questions are kind of connected, Nushie. Sometimes relayshes that blossom before one half of the couple blows up wilt in the limelight. Which only leads me to believe that yes, Joe's next GF will have a more familiar face…or bod if he goes the model route.

Dear Ted:
I love you and Team Truth! Have you heard the Nicki Minaj song "Stupid Hoe"? Do you think either Camp Brangelina or Aniston is aware of the quick reference to them in it (even though it's really about Lil' Kim)? Do you think A.J. would crack a smile if she heard it or would she be mad that they were mentioned? Kisses to your fur-babies!

Dear Name Dropper:
I definitely know the reference, doll, and must say—while Ange and Jen are probably vaguely (and I do mean vague-ly)—aware of it, neither of them probably cares. The Brangelina-Aniston feud is so old news, eh?

Dear Ted:
I love you and your team. You all do a great job of helping us get our gossip fix. You know what I don't love? All this vitriol against anyone who's not a bleeding-heart liberal and your biased and uninformed assumptions we're all gay-bashing, poor-hating a--holes. We're not. I'm not. There are other choices in this country and most of us lie somewhere in the middle. Can you ease up just a bit? Please? I don't want to read things about my beliefs that aren't true.

Dear Elephant Punch:
And I never said all conservatives are homophobic, misogynistic and elitist hypocrites…just most of the candidates currently in the GOP presidential race. At least in my opinion, that is.

Dear Ted:
Please tell me Ted, I have to know! Is Dax Shepard's Vice something that Kristen Bell—or K.Bell (lovin' that nickname!)—knows about? And would it upset the marriage apple cart if she did?

Dear Till Vice Do Us Part:
In that order: Probably and probably not. If she's gotten this far in the relaysh without worrying about it, a ring ain't gonna change anything.

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