Bloopers have never looked so good! Or so bloody…

You all remember the Breaking Dawn birthing scene, right?! With all the blood and guts and babies and Edward Cullen ripping open preggo Bella's stomach to pull out their vampy spawn…Ick, we get queasy even thinking about it.

But if you peep this clip from the BD Part 1 DVD, you'll see filming the scene was more jokey than, well, pukey:

"Sometimes it was hard to keep a straight face," Taylor Lautner weighs in about shooting the emergency C-section with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

A fact made very clear when R.Pattz gets a bad case of the giggles while trying to resurrect K.Stew, who [spoiler alert!] dies while delivering the twosome's body-crushing baby. Aw, how friggin' adorable, no?!

Rob's laughing, we mean...not the corpse bride and demon baby stuff.

A similar funny fate T.L. met when trying to help Kristen's onscreen alter ego:

"There was one point when she stops breathing and she's out of it and I have to give her CPR," Taylor laughs. "She's just like…dead. Her lips are closed. And all of a sudden I've got to wrap my whole mouth around her lips and give her CPR. It ended up working but it was funny at moments."

C'mon Taylor, locking lips with Kristen can't be that hard of work, can it?

Either way, check out the DVD clip and weigh in below—did the behind-the-scenes reality ruin the fantasy of the gross-out birthing scene? Or were you just surprised at how much giggling goes on on the Twilight set?!

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