Demi Moore


We assume it might be a bit tough living in the spotlight when all anyone (us included) constantly chitchats about is your cougar status.

Which might be what fueled Demi Moore's attempts at recapturing her youth, as some tabloids have started claiming. Rumors are circulating that not only was Demi constantly trying to look younger, but she's spiraling into a sort of wild child with young party-pals, perhaps?

So what do pals close to Demi have to say about the latest batch of allegations?

"It's no secret Demi's obsessed with looking younger," our source tells us. "What woman isn't in this town? I mean, besides Meryl Streep?"

Valid point. And you readers agree—when we polled you last month about Demi's self-doubt (which she opened up about in Harper's Bazaar), nearly a third of you told us it resulted from the inability for chicks in this town to age in a healthy way.

But we're told that Demi's never tried to hide the fact that she wants to shed a few years.

"You cannot accuse her of ever hiding it, really, she's always been very upfront about being very attentive to her looks," our Demi insider firmly attests. "She's not ashamed of it, nor should she be."

Which, lately, includes her "love-hate" relationship with her weight.

But what about rumors that she's been chugging Red Bull, partying with daughter Rumer and, most bizarre of all, chasing after young guys like Zac Efron?

Well, the energy drink biz is true (we're told) and it's been no secret that Demi and her eldest daughter have quite the close relationship and have partied together on occasional (Rue was present when Demi was rushed to the hospital), but our Moore camper reassures us her recent issues have not so much to do with men, per se:

Instead, our Demi insider, who's been by the near-50-year-old star's side through many men and many chapters of her life, continues: "Quite honestly, this all has more to do with work and the time in her life Demi's found herself in—and how women are treated in Hollywood, as actors and as partners—than anything else. I really do think that."

Sorry Zacky! And Demi, we think you look fabulous as is.

What will it take to convince you of this fact?

Besides an Oscar nomination, that is?

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