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Dear Ted:
God has decided that we had been tortured enough. I am so happy I could cry. I know you and I disagree about Taylor Swift. But I honestly would have rather had the corpse of Walter Matthau being lip synched in by Terry Fator as Eponine over Swifty. She simply isn't Eponine. Cosette? Oh hell yes. Would have made a decent Cosette. Do not make me come over there to explain this to you again. I have had a terrible seven days. So this is somewhat helpful. This chick did a great job at the 25th anniversary concert and was very believable opposite Nick Jonas. Enough said. All my love.

Dear Swiftly Gone:
Hmmm, some harsh words you have for T.Swift, babe. Thing is, Tay's already proved to the world she's got talent for days (gal's been named Entertainer of the Year twice at the CMA awards), but obviously someone thinks Samantha Barks can do Eponine better. Still too soon to say how Ms. Barks will fair in her big screen break, but in the meantime, we suggest you take a stab at writing a song—always works for Tay when she has some built-up anger!   

Dear Ted:
OMG Kristen Stewart is soooo unique! What a rebel! I've never seen a young hipster girl flip anyone off!

Dear Lighten Up:
While your sarcasm is amusing, we must disagree by saying this behavior is unique for a Hollywood babe. And while it's not unusual for Kris, we're just praising K.Stew for having fun and not taking herself too seriously. You should try it sometime, babe!

Dear Ted:
Since we are in the midst of red carpet season, I'm hoping that you can answer a question about red carpet posing. What the heck is wrong with these actresses who try so desperately to look sexy?! The squinted eyes, flared nostrils, pouty lips, etc. I'm sorry, but even beautiful women look ridiculous posing this way. Jennifer Lopez and Lea Michele seem to be two of the biggest offenders. Why don't actresses just smile at the camera? They look so much better! I saw a recent picture of Naya Rivera on the red carpet. She had a subtle body pose...and a nice, natural smile. She looked gorgeous! I wish that these actresses would realize that when you try so hard to be sexy...it's not sexy...you look ridiculous. Thanks!

Dear Strike a Pose:
Hey J, don't knock two of our favorite divas—the pouty look works for Lea and J.Lo, in our humble opinion. And hey, one person's ridiculous is Lea Michele's sexy! We say let the gal's strike a pose in whatever fashion they please.

Dear Ted:
Whoever plays Elizabeth Taylor is fine by me...just as long as Alexander Skarsgard plays one of her husbands! Is he too big for a Lifetime biopic? If not, which husband would you cast him as?

Dear No Love For Taylor:
While we totally want to see more of the True Blood hottie, we're not sure A.Skars would be up for a Lifetime role. Besides, Skars' onscreen sexiness feels like it's just not the right fit for Ms. Taylor. Now a shirtless role on the big screen? That's something we'll get behind.

Dear Ted:
I have refrained from asking this question for a variety of reasons, mostly because I like her, but here I go. Has Jennifer Lawrence had plastic surgery? Her face just looks...off to me. Always has. What are your thoughts on this?

Dear Baby Face:      
Jen might be hitting the good ol' bow and arrow for her role as Katniss in the upcoming Hunger Games movie, but going under the knife? Not quite. It's not surgery keeping this fresh-faced actress looking young—it's her age, of course. Gal's only 21.  

Dear Ted:
Do you think that The Hunger Games films are going to blow up like The Twilight Saga has? Or do you think it will fall short?

Dear The Odds Are Ever In Their Favor:
Umm, duh. The Hunger Games is going to be huge. Like Twilight it has a sexy, young cast, caught in a love triangle, but THG goes one step further, by featuring a lot of action and adventure—not to mention a much better plot. Sorry, Twihards.  

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