Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans


Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans is aggravated. Again.

So why can't she just "go home and just chill and smoke [pot]" like any normal trainwreck?

Appearing in court for their breaking and entering and drug charges, Jenelle was sentenced to supervised probation, while—in a cruel twist of fate—baddie boyfriend Kieffer Delp's own case was basically dismissed.

"Kieffer gets nothing," Jenelle protested after the hearing in her finest courthouse couture (a Victoria's Secret T-shirt and sweatpants). "It's no f--king fair that I get put on probation…I have to sit here and quit smoking pot for, like, a whole year! And not get in trouble, or anything, or be around alcohol, or nothing."

Kieffer does his best not to gloat, but Jenelle screams at him, "You can go home and smoke a blunt right now!"

Prince Charming tries to soothe his sweetheart by offering the ultimate sacrifice: "I swear to God," he promises, "if you can't smoke pot, I will not smoke pot."

But Jenelle can't think beyond her own anguish.

"I get so anxiety ridden and I have to smoke! I'd be smoking right now," she shrieks, furiously waving her cigarette at Kieffer, "but I can't! I can't go home and just chill and smoke. I can't do that no more."


Kailyn, meanwhile, was spared a court visit, as the hearing regarding Jo's child-support appeal has been postponed. That doesn't mean the couple's storyline was devoid of dramz: Jo asks to meet Kailyn's boyfriend, Jordan, so they schedule a showdown between the aspiring rap star (who already has girl groupies—"it's bound to happen," remarks Kailyn dryly) and the Buy More salesman.

Jordan's more anxious about this meetup than the Sex Talk, but it all works out in the end. The dudes share a bro hug, and after some heavy grilling by Jo ("You don't do crack, right?"), Jordan earns his approval.

Chelsea's approval rating is also skyrocketing. Because she's working a lot at her new tanning salon job, she boasts, "I was even able to buy a new car with my dad's help." Good for—wait, what?  Did she say new car? Isn't a minimum-wage job supposed to give you extra cash for the movies and, say, leopard-print accessories? (If Leah's hubby Corey is so desperate for a truck, maybe he should get a job at Year Round Brown instead of a coal mine?)

Turns out Papa Randy isn't the only generous one in the Houska family—in a burst of Adam-free energy, Chelsea signs up for a March of Dimes fundraising walk for premature babies, and raises more than $700—including a hundred bucks from her approving employer. Others might joke about the walk taking place at the mall, but we will rise above that and give Chelsea a leopard-print high-five!

At her mom's house to pick up some cute (if something that's neither leopard nor fuchsia can be considered "cute") outfits for twins Ali and Aleeah, Leah learns that her parents have found her a trailer home. She agonizes over the decision to move and wonders whether Corey loves her enough to go along. Although he's given up arguing for a new vehicle, he still opposes an investment in a new home. "The truck thing is over," he says—but so, apparently, is their marriage.

Does Jenelle make you smokin' mad, or do you share Chelsea's generous spirit? What do you think is really going on with Corey? Most important: Where are Jo's groupies, and are you one of them? Our comments section is judgment-free!

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