Jessica Lange

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The bey-otch is back!

Well, probably. At least that was what Jessica Lange—Best Female Actor in a Drama Series winner at last night's SAG Awards—alluded to when we asked her whether she'd be returning to American Horror Story for season two:

"I'm thinking about it," she told us backstage.

Which is still far too coy for our liking…but much more encouraging than the blanket "I don't know" Ms. Lange dished out after nabbing a trophy at the Golden Globes.

Because now we know that Ryan Murphy has already asked her to return. And, let's be honest, it would have been criminal for him not to—Lange only stole every scene she was featured in during season one.

"As we talked about at the Globes, there just isn't it any better writing out there," Jessica gushed to us.

Then it'd be absolutely insane for the award season's scream queen to jump ship now, eh? We're putting good money on the fact that we'll see Constance (or, likely, some fab new character played by Jessica) in season two.

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But don't expect more horror out of Jessica after Murphy's boob-tube sensation:

When we asked whether she would consider doing the ghouls and ghosts thing on the big screen, Lange quickly informed us: "I think I'm done with the genre after this."

Now tell us, AT readers, are you thrilled that Jessica will probably be back on American Horror Story? Or are you worried that it'll be impossible to top the delicious evilness of Constance, and they should just leave well enough alone?

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