Pour Some CoCo on Him: Conan Rolls Out, Um, Sexy New Promo

With a month to go before his TBS debut, Conan O'Brien promotes new late-night show with a little help from a Def Leppard classic

By Gina Serpe Oct 05, 2010 6:08 PMTags

Take that, Kim Kardashian. Eat it, Paris Hilton. Watch and weep, Audrina Patridge.

There's only room enough in this town for one hot bod drenched in soapy water and writhing around on the hood of a car desk, and it's…Conan O'Brien?!

With a little help from Def Leppard and what we'll assume is a particularly tasty sponge, CoCo wet himself down while oh-so-coincidentally whetting the appetite of his future viewers (Nov. 8, TBS, mark your calendars).

What can we say? Sex sells. Even—or maybe especially?—when it's pasty white and rocking a Bob's Big Boy haircut. See you in a month, CoCo.