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Vamp fangs and hottie werewolves aside, True Blood and Twilight couldn't be more different. One is all about blood, sex and gore; the other is about longing for your true love and sparkling in the sunshine. Not too hard to guess which is which, huh?

But is True Blood finally acknowledging the teen sensation?

Maybe we had a few too many at Merlotte's, but we couldn't help notice that our fave new addition to the HBO series, Franklin (Tara's new BF, for those of you who can't keep your undead straight), seems like T.B.'s way of poking fun at...

Edward Cullen, of course.

Frankie (played by the amazing James Frain) is overemotional, overprotective, kinda clingy and just can't bear to be apart from his true love even though he's known her for what...24 hours, tops?

Sure, we love his dazzle, but sounds a bit like Ed Cullen, no?

Now, before you get your Robert Pattinson panties in a twist, remember we said it was a spoof. Franklin is obviously crazier (and way more hilarious) than Edward, but True Blood never does anything with subtlety, which is part of the reason we're so friggin' obsessed with Sookie and her sex-crazed gang.

Think about it: Franklin and Edward both have the same pout when they don't get their way, both are willing to kill or be killed for their respective babes (Tara and Bella, lucky gals!) and both men are by their gal's side all the effing time (Frankie, because he keeps Tara tied up, and Edward with his nighttime hobby of watching Bella sleep).

Hey, maybe we're reading too much into it, but we'd like to believe the masterminds behind True Blood are as genius as we think they are. And even if Alan Ball didn't plan it, we're more than happy to keep pretending Franklin and his silk pajamas are Mr. Cullen in disguise.

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