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With those somewhat closeted chicks Terry Tush-Trade and Venetia Vag-O-Matic still lurking behind their closet doors, how very refreshing is it to see Jerry Menage-e-No at least peek out from behind hers! Sure, Jerry's no Ellen DeGeneres, for sure, but Jerry's certainly got folks thinking she's preppin' to come kinda out super soon.

See, there's a gal who's already pretty much friggin' out there, sexually, and Jerry's buds are convinced this is the woman she's emulating, PR-wise:

Jodie Foster.

You know, the woman who's never really said one way or another but who mentions her "girlfriend" in acceptance speeches, and such. Never sues when the rags say she's gay, etc. And that's going to be precisely Jerry's style, according to her chums:

"She's not hiding it, but she won't answer relationship questions. She would never do a showmance—just doesn't think it's anyone's business about her personal life."

Also, like Foster did (for a while, at least), J.M. believes in being true to her gal. The lucky babe was all over the set of Jerry's recent hit movie, Imagined Proposal, coming to visit "all the time," say other castmembers.

Added the fellow actors: "[Jerry] is super open about it with cast and crew, and doesn't hide it with friends. Everyone in her circle knows."

Fabulous! But here's hoping Jerry decides to ultimately not take the Foster route and actually come out? I mean, who was Jodie really kidding all those years?

Maybe Sarah Palin, but we would imagine that's probably about it.

It Ain't: Jodie Foster, Emma Roberts, Sofia Vergara

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