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So, all of you superpositive commenters think a Twilight tell-all will never happen? Well guess what, that means you don't live in Hollywood, darlings! The s--t that's been going on behind the vampy scenes is way too juicy and has the potential to earn way too much moola to go unnoticed.

You'd better believe if it's not Andrew Morton (or me) printing the behind-the-scenes dish, it will be one of the castmembers, once they have no other job. Whether it's adapted from a novel or just as a screenplay, you can bet you'll discover your presh stars' Blind Vices acted out on the big screen at some point in the near future.

So, get used to it.

That said, who would be our dream cast?

Surely, there's no way any of you would ever disagree with us. And we're so thrilled to read what you will have to say about our suggestions! But knowing what we do about our favorite vampire dears, here is who we would pick right now for the tell-all flick:

Ellen Page as Kristen Stewart: The fact these girls aren't besties in real life is beyond us. They are both on the fast track to superstardom and share a lot of similar personality traits. Like talent and keeping their private lives way private.

Tom Sturridge as Robert Pattinson: Who knows Rob better than Tom? Except, OK, maybe Kristen. Tom and Rob have been mates for a while now, what better person to play you than your BFF?

Zac Efron as Taylor Lautner: Don't see why we really need an explanation for this. Hello, friggin' insane abs, anyone? Plus they run in similar social circles.

Lea Michele as Nikki Reed: The hair, the looks, the ‘tude. Both darlings shine in front of the camera, but it's their behind-the-scenes antics that make these two a match made in casting heaven.

Blake Lively as Ashley Greene: Blake and Ash both have the hot factor: good bods, good hair, huge flirts. And they both certainly don't hate their fame! Either that, or Ashley should just play herself, already.

Liam Hemsworth as Kellan Lutz: Both hot, both have good bodies and both are into girls...which is pretty friggin' hard to come by in this town. Liam has Kellan's manly factor for sure!

Better casting ideas? Of course you do! Drop your feedback down below.

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