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Jimmy Fallon probably won't be doing a slow jam about this.

The Late Night comic has found himself on the receiving end of a sexual-discrimination complaint brought by a former stage manager who claims he lost his job because "Jimmy preferred taking directions from a woman."

Come again?

In documents filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the New York Division of Human Rights, Paul Tarascio alleges he was discriminated against by Fallon and his staff discriminated by being demoting and then fired as stage manager despite 14 years of experience in the job working with predecessor Conan O'Brien. The action claims that Tarascio was replaced with a less qualified woman.

"It's a tough thing for him to be told that the reason why he was being moved from one position to another was that Jimmy Fallon preferred to take direction from a woman," Tarascio's attorney, Dominick Bratti, tells E! News.

Per his complaint, the technician did not follow the rest of CoCo's crew to California to work on The Tonight Show but instead was hired on as first stage manager by Fallon after he took over Late Night. A few months after the show's launch, in July 2009, Tarascio says in his filing that he was informed that he was being demoted to second stage manager based solely on the host's gender preference for the No. 1 position.

After months of wrangling back and forth over what he felt was discriminatory action, Tarascio claims he was then let go in March on the basis of "fabricated performance issues."

Bratti says that more than anything his client just wants "his job back," but if not, he's going to ask for redress via the EEOC and seek damages.

No comment as of press time from Fallon's camp, probably cause he's getting ready to host the Emmys next month.

Maybe they could settle this with a little Cell Phone Shootout.

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