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Nikki Reed can now add director to her résumé.

The Eclipse star made her debut behind the camera directing good pal Sage's new music video "Edie Sedgwick." Who knew she was an auteur?

Must ‘fess, the video is pretty cool. It's funky, artsy, offbeat...all things that remind us of the Twilight family she hearts so much.

So you know what that means, right? Nikki needs to direct the Twilight tell-all that's gonna happen!

The babe's got major talent—anyone who has seen Thirteen knows that. Reed can write, act and now that she's dabbling pretty successfully in directing, we think the brunette siren is the perfect person for the inevitable job. That is, if Catherine Hardwicke doesn't want a vengeful crack at it first.

Hey, maybe Nik could lend a hand in penning the screenplay, too? She's got the experience and heaven knows this girl has the stories. Even if she didn't partake in all the naughty shenanigans that went down behind the scenes, everybody knows everybody's secrets on that set. This is not an exaggeration, trust.

Just look at Kristen Stewart's director in The Runaways, Floria Sigismondi. The babe went from directing videos to a fab flick!

And, Nikki, if you do take on this must-have project, you must somehow figure out winks to Twyla Babe-Sucker, Julie Bone-Jumper or Terry Tush-Trade, would just be too fun! And, well, you know practically everyone else in the cast has their own B.V. moniker, too, right? We just haven't labeled them as Twilight specific.

Dollface, you must consider this. You're the only one who could totally pull it off! Naturally, we'll have to wait a few years after the Breaking Dawn flicks (Summit would so not allow this movie), but just get that pretty and talented head of yours brainstorming it now.

Think of it as a Thirteen part two. How juicy!

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