Kanye West is slowly working his way back into the spotlight after laying low for the past year—while we all rallied behind Taylor Swift to make sure she recovered from that VMA dramz. She did, obviously, so now it's time for us to make room in our lives for Kanye again.

He's really going all out to win us over, too! Earlier this week, the rapper stopped by the Facebook offices in Palo Alto, Calif. to debut some new material off his upcoming album due out in September. Just look at him up there on that table in his sleek suit, telling jokes, rapping without any beats—kinda makes you miss him, right?

That's not all either, 'Ye has also officially joined Twitter but he's yet to go all-caps ranting. So far, he's just following the standard capitalization rules:

The album is no longer called "Good Ass Job" I'm bouncing a couple of titles around nowless than a minute ago via web

Good to know!

And then he blogged this heartfelt message to his captive Facebook audience:

"Many times in life I've had to deal with moments of doubt. And as it's been a minute since I've performed any fresh material in front of an audience, this could've been one of those moments… but it wasn't. Your energy was a gift so electric, so genuine, that it really helped me give my best. The energy was so inspiring I had to keep going!

I just hope you got as much from me as I got from you…which was everything!"

Awwww. So it looks like he's kind of got it together, which is great because some of us have really been missing him! But what do you think: has he been in timeout long enough that it's time to welcome him back into our pop culture world or did he blow it for good?

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