Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin was spotted dangerously close to E! territory yesterday.

The father of eight was dining across the street from the Comcast Entertainment offices at Marie Calendars off of Wilshire Boulevard.

So what was Kate Gosselin's ex doing?

 "It looked like a business meeting, maybe with an agent-type," a fellow diner tells us. Jon was decked in his finest (yuck) sports jacket, dark slacks and no tie.

Maybe he was still sorting out custody arrangements with the mystery suit since we heard no agreement has happened yet with Kate. Still can't decide which of these two Gosselin's is more of an arguably sucky person. Let's not even go there, ‘K?

Less dubiously out ‘n' about elsewhere in Hollywood...

Kanye West was enjoying a low-key Sunday brunch at Ammo in Hollywood. Much more our type of crowd.

"Kanye was the first celeb to arrive and he was wearing a dark suit with a pink polo shirt underneath," an eyewitness tells E!  "It looked like he was coming from church services with his family, everyone was dressed up and there were little kids playing at the table."

But West wasn't afraid of a little attention from fellow restaurant-goers.

"I was looking to see if it was actually Kanye and he waved to acknowledge like ‘yes it's me!'" the ‘tude-witness tells E!

Too funny! Sounds like something scripted for Entourage's Johnny Drama. Oh Kanye, glad the ego hasn't gone anywhere. We are kinda starting to miss ya.

Flying a bit more under the celeb radar, also at Ammo, was a casually clad…

Vanessa Hudgens, sans her Zac Efron, who was dropped off at the restaurant in a lux Town Car.

"Vanessa joined a back table of very hipster looking friends, including actress Jenna Malone," the babe-watchin' source tells E!  "She had her hair in a high bun and was wearing a green army jacket."

At a nearby table, one of our fave boob-tube babes was Cougar Town star and all around fab mom...

Busy Philipps, who was brunching with her baby daughter and husband.

"None of the celebs acknowledged each other, but everyone seemed happy and to be enjoying a relaxing Sunday brunch," adds our fellow Ammo guest. Typical Hollywood.

The Maxim and Ubisoft party for the cast of The Other Guys drew three genres of vampires together: Castmembers from True Blood, The Vampire Diaries and Twilight proved their respective fang clicks totally get along, as they were all seen hanging tight and sipping on Skyy cocktails together on top of The Solomar Hotel over the weekend. TVD players...

Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder all sat together amongst the other vamps at the party like Twilight's Kellan Lutz and True Blood's James Frain, Sam Trammel and Nelsan Ellis. This was a crowd that was thirsty rather than hungry, shall we say? Yes, let's.

Hey, nothing bonds competitive blood together better than a little vodka! Although too much of that stuff can leave pretty bad bite marks, right?

Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder

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