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Dressing like a Storm Trooper? Counting down the hours until Don Draper's return? Living a life that doesn't revolve around pop culture? However you decided to spend your Sunday, rest assured you had a much better time than Mel Gibson.

You see, the laid-back, pleasure-to-be-around, happy-go-lucky actor spent the day meeting with deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department about his incredibly over-the-radar disputes with Oksana Grigorieva.

But it wasn't so much what he said that was interesting. It was what he didn't say.

While department spokesman Steve Whitmore confirmed to E! News that detectives met with Gibson (and you better believe his lawyer) on Sunday, thanks to an assist from his constitutional rights, the Oscar winner did not answer any questions pertaining to the allegations—seemingly buffeted by a newly leaked picture—that he got physical with Grigorieva.

"It was not for the domestic violence investigation, it was just for the extortion," Whitmore said.

The Aussie terror played the "E" card sometime after his leaked phone calls reached a seemingly reputation-damaging point of no return, claiming that the recordings were released only after he refused Grigorieva's alleged demands for money.

Grigorieva has adamantly denied the claim, as well as claims from Gibson's camp that her sister Natalie was behind the leaks.

Speaking of which…

There appears to be no end in sight for the exercise in demeaning behavior and personal violation that is the leaked Mel phone calls, as another snippet was released this week by—all together now—

In the newest disturbingly TMI piece of audio, Gibson invokes the name of former Bond star Timothy Dalton. Grigorieva's ex-husband, the father of her 12-year-old son and a supportive ally through this ordeal, Dalton clearly inspires a fit of jealousy in Gibson:

"Did you get my last message about me being a bad father, and Tim being a great dad now?" he asked. "You didn't hear that one? Well, you should go and f--k him, you know, you fickle c--t, because I don't care.

"The game's over. OK. The game's over. Let the new games begin so you can get it on with anybody else and your son can watch it. What is it? No. 45 he's going to have to look at? F--king good…I'm so f--king sorry I had a child with you."

We're thinking the feeling's mutual.

—Reporting by Whitney English

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