Paris Hilton

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Paris Hilton swears she wasn't heiling Hitler.

But a photo snapped of the starlet aboard a yacht in Saint-Tropez might suggest otherwise: Wearing a military-style hat, Paris appears to be mimicking a moustache with one hand while saluting in the air with the other.

Not true, says her rep: She was just dancing.

"Paris was dancing and having fun with her arm up in the air as she always dances...and was scratching her face when a photo was taken," her rep tells E! News. "The hat is not even a military style. It's a captain's hat from a club."

Other sources say the proof is in the picture itself...

"If she was making a joke, people would be looking at her," a source says of the snapshot with the supposed Hitler pose, where two men are glancing away.

The source tells E! News that Paris and her party posse knew the paps were there the whole time.

"One of the guys with her even flipped off the paparazzi," says our source, "Clearly if she knew they were there, she wouldn't do something so offensive to be caught on camera."

This isn't the first time she's been photographed in comprising positions during her Eurotrip. She was snapped sunbathing topless in Sardinia and flashing her nether regions in a Saint-Tropez club, after rebuffing reports that she was caught with marijuana.

Paris is off to Ibiza today, but a source close to her tells E! News she's "extremely upset" about the situation. "Half of her family is Jewish, her friends and her fans...she would never intentionally do something like that."

Wonder whether Paris will be too sad to party in Ibiza tonight?

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