Our fellow Americans, we get mad chills of excitement whenever we see promos for the latest Real Housewives installment and hear new Housewife Mary Schmidt Amons haughtily declare, "Boring is one thing D.C. is not."

Holy Senate floor, is she right. The series first made waves when shooting began thanks to White House party-crashing castmembers Michaele and Tareq Salahi.

However, their crazy antics are just the tip of the Washington Memorial...

Politics was always one subject the other Housewives series pretty much shied away from. Well, not anymore—at least not when if comes to peceived personal slights, anyway.

Brit Catherine Ashley Ommanney snarks away on President Barack Obama for apparently not realizing that her photographer husband was solely responsible for winning him the entire election. The nerve!

As fellow Housewife Stacie Scott Turner points out, it's not like he's busy running a country or anything...

So will you sing "Hail to the Crazies" when this series premieres Aug. 5, or do you wanna impeach these gals already? Sound off in the comments!


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