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Comic-Con 2010

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may not have been in San Diego this year, but there certainly was a Robsten effect. Namely, that there weren't as many crazy paparazzi stalking the convention center, that is once they heard Brad Pitt was a no-show.

Since there was no viciously stalked couple to get that money shot of, this year it felt as though Comic-Con was almost given back to the geeks. There were a ton of hyped movies (The Avengers, Tron, Thor) and somehow the buzz at the fest was—gasp—actually about the films and TV shows and not so much the actors' personal lives.

Still, while wandering around San Diego with some of our favorite peeps (Joe Manganiello, Ryan Reynolds, Eva Mendes), we came up with five random things you should take away from the festival:

1. Angelina Jolie Is Queen of the Nerds: While polling tons of Con goers inside the convention center, practically every hardcore attendee agreed on which star is the nicest to fans: Angie. One guy even had 14 autographs from her throughout the years, saying he's never been to an event where she doesn't make time for the people. The worst, according to said autograph collectors? Scarlett Johansson.

2. True Blood Cast Likes Shirtless Joe M., Too: T.B. folks are totally cool with HBO's hot werewolf taking over the nearly naked scenes, albeit for different reasons than we may have. "[Joe] has been the one having to do a lot of the gratuitous scenes, and that's good by me," laughed one of our fave vamp newbies, James Frain.

Seriously, we think Alan Ball is thisclose to penning a full-frontal scene for one of the dudes. "At this point it would have to be Joe," joked Frain again in his yummy accent when we asked which dude it would most likely be.

3. Yes, Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson Are Married: We forget all the time that Ryan and ScarJo have rings on it, since we never see them out together. Ryan was in S.D. to promote The Green Lantern and S. surprised fans at The Avengers panel. While the couple still weren't seen hanging together at the festival, a studio source tells us Johansson was very excited and accommodating when approached about coming to Comic-Con because she really wanted to spend time with her busy hubby. With Blake Lively's boobfest, we don't blame Mrs. Reynolds!

4. Eva Mendes Not in Batman 3—Yet: Aaron Eckhart told us he's not sure what's going on with Christopher Nolan's third Batman flick, yet some of those fab geek sites claim Eva is in talks to star in the three-quel. When we asked the stunner at Comic-Con what's up, she said, "I haven't heard anything about it" regarding the possible casting. Would she want to do a Batman flick? "I'd have to see the script!"

5. Being a Movie Star at Comic-Con Isn't Everything: Entertainment Weekly and Syfy's Con party Saturday night drew out a slew of celebs—but a few of them had trouble getting in. Thor star and über-Aussie hottie Chris Hemsworth was denied entrance to the fete for about 40 minutes. Maybe it was the insanely crowded party, or the guy manning the elevator didn't catch the Thor sneak peaks, but we're told Chris couldn't get in and couldn't have been cooler about it. He sat at the lobby bar with his brother while the PR girls sorted it out and got him inside.

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