Levi Johnston

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Baby daddy, half-nude model, hockey player, reality star. Is there anything even left for Sarah Palin's future son-in-law Levi Johnston to do?

Yup! The 20-year-old will be making his music video debut, appearing opposite singer/songwriter Brittani Senser for her song "After Love." But here's the good part: He's "playing" a Romeo who gets smacked down by his girlfriend's disapproving mother, Johnston's attorney told the press.

Sound familiar? The video's creator and director Evan Winter admitted that he "kind of riffed off the real-life situation" when coming up with the idea.

Kind of?

Won't Palin be pissed? Well, Butler isn't too worried.

"I don't think we're going to be concerned about what Gov. Palin would want. I think that given the script, [Johnston] should be able to turn in a good performance."

Johnston recently got re-engaged to Palin's daughter Bristol, who is also his baby mama and has said that her mother does not approve. Family drama aside, Johnston's super excited to be involved in this music video, according to Butler, which is scheduled to start shooting on August 9th in Los Angeles. 

What will we see Levi in next?

He still hopes to flourish in acting—and this music video along with his one commerical might take him there. But for now he'll have to settle for reality TV.

Johnston's had two(!) reality shows rumored to be in the works. One would be of him and his buddies hanging out and doing the hunting thing. The other would be mainly focused on his little familyawwww!

Whatever it is, we know one thing, we will see Levi again. Whether we want to or not.


Levi's not the only one on Sarah Palin's bad side. See who else is on the Palin Bashing Bandwagon!

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