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Comic-Con 2010

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg may be the supposedly crack-up stars of The Other Guys, but at Comic-Con in San Diego Friday it was Eva Mendes who got the big laughs-by flirting with a pair of underage male fans in front of thousands of their peers.

Even Wahlberg got in on the action:

The sultry actress, who holds her own in the upcoming buddy cop comedy, fulfilled every geek boy's dream by hitting on a bashful 16-year-old fan during the panel's Q&A.

The teen's mother, also in the audience, even stood up to give her blessing, prompting Wahlberg to jump in as matchmaker: "You can have my room at the Hard Rock!"

Another young fan who'd met Mendes five years ago during a previous Comic-Con returned, a little older and a lot bolder, to ask Mendes out on a date. She remembered him. "He was so cute when he was little," she explained. "You were a little boy! And now you're not..."

Then Mendes really won over the geek contingent by sharing a little-known fact: She's a huge Anchorman fan, and if you challenge her to a Ron Burgundy quote-off, she'll kick your ass. "It's my Godfather," Mendes gushed.

What else happened Friday at Comic-Con? Time for a round-up!

• Drive Angry 3D actress Amber Heard admitted she was afraid at first to work with Nicolas Cage, and asked a mutual friend "if he was creepy or cool." The verdict: Nicolas Cage isn't creepy after all! News flash!

• Quote of the day: "If I was half the woman you are, I'd be twice the man I am." From Nathan Fillion to costar Liv Tyler, who insisted an actor playing a doctor inject her foot with a syringe of water for authenticity's sake while filming a scene in the superhero comedy Super.

• Jovial genre filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro explained his personal connection to Disney's Haunted Mansion attraction, which he's adapting into a feature film as cowriter and producer. "It's the most beautiful place on earth," he said. "For me it's a way of life. I'm going to make a huge f---ing love letter shrine to that thing." Del Toro also announced that he'd like Peter Jackson to direct The Hobbit, which he had recently dropped from his plate.

• Mark Wahlberg can speak Hebrew, which he demonstrated by insulting Will Ferrell in an expletive-filled insult that he asked a fan to translate.

• Inglourious Basterds baddie Christoph Waltz, who plays villainous foil to Seth Rogen's Green Hornet in Michel Gondry's 2011 action adaptation, admitted to the Con crowd that he's not a comic book fan. And the benevolent geek legion still applauded.

Nobody stood in line to ask him on a date, though.

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