Rihanna, Eminem, Megan Fox

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There's still no official word that Megan Fox is teaming up with Lost star Dominic Monaghan for the Eminem and Rihanna music video, but whatever.

Sounds like it's pretty much a done deal at this point. Sources tell me Fox and Monaghan are to be on set of the "Love the Way You Lie" video tomorrow and Friday to shoot their steamy sequences.

Their roles are apparently inspired by Eminem's relationship with ex-wife Kim (They married and divorced twice!).

"Things start off with a sex scene between Megan and Dominic," a source said. "Then they fight but end up having sex again." The source described the look and feel of the video as "gritty" with "lots of passion."

Video director Joseph Kahn twittered on Monday that he was shooting the vid, but he has yet to mention Fox or Monaghan. Earlier today, he posted, "Paparazzi stop trying to ruin my shots. Thank you."

Ri-Ri and the rapper were snapped on set today by RapRadar.com.

Perhaps some of the video's cast and crew will be at Rihanna's concert tonight in Los Angeles at the Staples Center, so keep your eyes open. If not there, maybe her afterparty at Drai's in the W Hotel in Hollywood.

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