Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Taylor

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"I have never heard that before! I don't think anybody can be better at being Elizabeth Taylor than Elizabeth Taylor."

Angelina Jolie on the rumors that she's in the running to play Hollywood lust goddess Taylor in Mike Nichols' flick based on the new book Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and the Marriage of the Century

Quelle tragédie! Especially because...

It sounds like Angie's super into playing power goddess Cleopatra, for a film that's in development about the legendary ruler, who was short and had a big schnoz.

"I would be honored," Jolie told reporters earlier this week about the Cleopatra role. "I'm fascinated by her and the mystery...but we haven't gotten a script yet, so we'll see if something's good enough and we'll try and make it."

OK, well, we think the casting choices are totally swapped here.

First off, our girl Snooki should play Cleo...remember? Come on, think outside the box for a change, Hollywood! And as for Liz Taylor, Angelina would be perfect for the role (well, she'd have been perfect circa six years ago, but she still works).

Angelina and Taylor both have the Hollywood glam looks, but it's their similar personalities that would make this a casting choice made in Tinseltown heaven. They both wear those shameless man-eater badges so well, and yet their elegance and charitable endeavors often make you forget about those notch-mark qualifications. Plus, they're both intoxicatingly beautiful and can give a ballsy sound bite when they need to.

And yes, even though Taylor played Cleo as well, even she thought it was kind of ridiculous casting at the time—not the least of which because the woman was, to quote E.T., "very homely."

So, come on producers, do Angie—and us—a favor and switch those upcoming roles around, already!

Plus, Ange, Liz Taylor can get you access to the man you really want: Oscar. We know you're dying to nab Best Actress eventually (hence the half-retirement stuff), and this kinda role could be your chance to do it. Just sayin'!

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