Angelina Jolie, Salt

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Who wants to see more Salt?

We know that Angelina Jolie's new kickass spy flick doesn't hit theaters until Friday, but don't be surprised if the studio announces plans for a sequel sooner rather than later.

Director Phillip Noyce thinks Salt II is inevitable...

"Hopefully within a couple of years, we'll have one," Noyce told me at the movie's Hollywood premiere. "Angelina's so great in this part. When audiences see the movie they're going to feel like it's only just the beginning."

Noyce joked—at least we think he was joking—that Tom Cruise could be in the followup as his Mission Impossible alter-ego. As y'all know, Salt's script called for a male lead with Cruise in some rather serious talks to star.

"Maybe Ethan Hunt could meet up with Salt," Noyce said. "Actually, I think we should have Ethan Hunt and [Patriots Game and Hunt for Red October hero] Jack Ryan chasing down Salt. And who's gonna win? Angelina's going to win."

Sure, Hunt and Ryan are Paramount properties and Salt is with Sony, but so what? Anything is possible in Hollywood. Should these three be in the same flick? Leave your comments below.

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