Katy Perry, Teenage Dream Cover

Capitol Record

A Teenage Dream, indeed.

Having already been named the hottest woman around by Maxim, Katy Perry has very little left to prove as far as sex appeal to the gents is concerned.

So for the cover of her third studio album, Teenage Dream, the betrothed pop princess went ahead and had fun with her naughty-angel reputation, stretching out on a strategically placed cloud and leaving all clothing and accessories—including her halo—behind.

And in keeping with her retro-girly vibe, the lips are red, the hair is '40s-pinup perfect, and the cloud is cotton-candy pink! Oh, and this cover isn't some mere photo, it's a portrait painted by contemporary artist Will Cotton.

Live the dream starting Aug. 24, but take our poll first:

Katy Perry's New Album Cover: Buy or Burn?
Is this album art all it could be?

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