Has Katie Holmes been hanging out with Suri so much that her four-year-old daughter's fashion sense has rubbed off on her?

What other explanation could there be for the juvenile look Katie sported last night for the premiere of her new movie The Extra Man?

From the striped cotton dress to her Shirley Temple ringlets and bangs, it looks like Katie's dressed for her first day of junior high instead of the red carpet.

And while she didn't confess that she's hired Suri as a stylist, Katie does admit to spending lots of quality time with her adorable daughter...

"It's a working summer, but we're having a good time as well," she told E! News, "...and my family is with me, so we have a lot of BBQs and trips to the park. We went to the drive-in."

How about a trip to Fifth Avenue for some new clothes, Katie? Since you're playing Jackie O right now, we'd expect you to step up your style, not get sloppy on us.

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Katie's style is usually much better. Check out her sartorial highs in our Fashion Spotlight gallery!

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